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PASS recently launched a new preparatory course for California UST System Operators taking the ICC exam.  Like our other ICC preparatory courses, the California course includes:

  • Downloads of all exam reference materials which are available without purchase;
  • Information on assembling those materials for use during the exam; and
  • Information on scheduling the exam.

In addition to helpful citations to the reference materials, the course also includes specific California forms which UST System Operators need, including, but not limited to, the:400px-Seal_of_California

  • Certification of Financial Responsibility form;
  • Facility Employee Training Record;
  • List of System Operators;
  • Monthly Visual Inspection Checklist; and
  • UST Certification of Installation/Modification.

If you are unsure of how to prepare for the ICC California UST System Operator exam, or if you have been unsuccessful at taking the exam already, give our ICC preparatory course a try!  If our course helps you pass the exam, let us know by calling 866-735-0201 or sending an e-mail to

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