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The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) recently updated its Maryland Class C Underground Storage Tank Maryland-StateSealOperator Facility Checklist.  This checklist documents that the Class A/B operator has shown the Class C operator important components and procedures of the UST facility, for example, the location and operation of the Emergency Shut-Off Switch.  The updated form and instructions for completing it are part of PASS’ UST Class C Operator Training Course for Maryland and can also be downloaded here.

It is very important that the Class C operator and the Class A/B operator complete and sign this checklist and keep it with the facility’s compliance paperwork.  MDE inspectors will ask to see this checklist along with the operator’s certificate.

Failure to have both of the documents readily available will put your facility at risk for non-compliance enforcement actions.

For more information about operator training and compliance inspections in Maryland, visit our Maryland information page.