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PASS Tools Updates

Today we are excited to announce two great new features that were just introduced into PASS Tools. The first is improved inspection flow and navigation, and the second is better director management for companies.

Inspection Improvements

Up until now the flow of inspections were limited to one set of questions per piece of equipment, which lead to problems in situations where many, detailed questions are required per equipment. With that in mind we have added the ability to divide up question sets across multiple screens, while still staying on the same piece of property This ensures that inspections screens on mobile devices are short, concise, and easy to navigate. We also added a navigation menu that gives you more control in selecting where you’d like to jump to in an inspection.

Improved Director Management

With our latest release we’ve also added the ability to assign multiple directors to serve a single company. With this feature enabled company admins can assign each of their facilities to the proper director, who can then, in turn, assign the facility to the right inspector. This is perfect for situations where a company covers a large geographic area, making it hard for a single field services company to manage inspections for all sites.