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PASS has just made available two new courses written specifically for UST operators at marina facilities.  For Class A/B operators, we offer a supplemental training course which is designed to be taken in addition to our PASS Class A/B UST Operator Training Course.  This supplemental training discusses marina-specific regulations, such as Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan requirements and the Clean Water Act, that are not covered in our standard Class A/B UST Operator Training Courses.  Taking both of these courses will provide you with all of the information you need to maintain your marina UST facility in compliance.

For Class C operators, we have modified our Class C UST Operator Training Course to address both general and marina-specific UST operational issues.  Class C operators will be trained on basic operational, monitoring, and emergency response procedures.  Marina-specific content includes how to prepare a boat for fueling, how to clean up spills on the fuel dock, and who to contact if fuel spills into the water.  Our course will give you the preparation you need to be an effective marina Class C operator.

Existing customers can login and access our new marina courses simply by logging in and purchasing it it on the orders page. New customers can register for an account and get started in minutes. If you have any questions or trouble don’t hesitate to contact us or call – 1-866-735-0201.